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ScrapeVerify $95/year

ScrapeVerify is an advanced email verifier a quick way to upload a bulk list of email addresses and check their ability to receive emails.

This email verifier uses an auto-sequential checking process that checks different parameters such as the validity of the domain, DNS, and MX records to determine which addresses are working and which are able to receive an email. It crawls an unlimited loaded list and sends it to a tester which automatically does remove:

 * Bounce E-mails
 * Duplicate E-mails
 * Syntax Error E-mails
 * Dead server E-mails
 * Fake domain Emails
 * Honey pot / Spam-Traps
 * Unknown E-mails

Essentially, port 25 access is required to use advanced email verification which does physical testing of the mail server connection. Basic email testing is also done by checking email format, checking domain has an MX record; these are all essential parts of ScrapeVerify.

If you have downloaded ScrapeVerify, just check your email for activation key after purchase, launch ScrapeVerify and use the key to unlock your yearly access.
There is an installation/usage guide in ScrapeVerify folder to get you started.

Upload up to 50,000 email addresses per instance. You can even run the software in multiple instances/windows and upload 50k list email addresses in each of the instances to process an unlimited email list in the same PC or VPS at a time.

Installation/Operating System requirement

For Mac users: you will need a windows VPS and then login to it by using your Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) in Mac. If you don't have MRD, please download it in AppStore.
Launch your Windows VPS and Install ScrapeVerify. So you can use it on your Mac with Microsoft Remote Desktop. Now enjoy.

For Windows users: install directly on your computer/PC. You can also install it in your Windows VPS. To install in VPS, launch Remote Desktop Connection/RDP. Then login to your VPS and install ScrapeteVerify. Now enjoy.

[Click here to download]

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