Designed by a digital marketer for marketers, let's gather prospects that want to buy.
The core features of Scrapetelligence are to scrape:

Let's help you get potential customers that matter for your business, blog, and online store.

This tool runs in multiple instances at a time. It simply means that you can process more and more scraping per day because the program is multi-threaded.

Scrapetelligence extract emails from Instagram, Google, contact forms, and blog comments..
  • Scrape email address by keyword. 

  • High-speed scraping.
  • file type: .xlsx, txt.

  • No fear of getting blocked

  • Proxy from server side at no cost.

  • Windows [VPS] compatible.

  • Mac [VPS] Compatible.


    Designed for you, no hassles


  • Easy-to-understand user interface.

  • Scrape up to 300k emails/day.

  • 24/7 tech assistance.

  • Good looking GUI.

  • Free features updates.

  • Run in multiple instances.

  • Multi-threaded.

  • Anonymous scraping.

  • Email list cleaning service.

Automatic data filtering

- Automatically ignore websites/contact forms/blog comments which lack email address.
- So it won't scrape useless data.
- Relevance is are key.

Systems requirement: Mac OS; Windows OS

[Click here to download]

Usefulness of Scrapetelligence

-   Targeted data: email addresses by keyword.
 - Recommendation of top-notch email marketing software + SMTP server.

 - Email marketing at your fingertips. Growth-hack your business.
- Convert this cold leads to warm leads with the art of copy-writing and persuasion.
- Potential to get repeat customers/clients and scale-up really fast.
Relevance is key. STOP buying random lists being sold to everyone over and over again.

Installation/Usage Operating requirement

For Mac users: you will need a windows VPS and then login to it by using your Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD), VMWare, or BootCamp. Install and launch Scrapetelligence. So you can use it on your Mac with MRD, VMWare or BootCamp. Now enjoy.

For Window users: install directly on your computer/PC. You can also install in your Windows VPS. To install in VPS, launch Remote Desktop Connection/RDP. Then login to your VPS and install Scrapetelligence. Now enjoy.
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